Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daily Scrum

A short daily stand-up meeting held at the same place and same time to provide a quick status update to an entire project team - standing up helps to keep the meeting short!

The underlying theme for these meetings is self-organisation with the aim to:
  • share commitment
  • communicate daily status, progress, and plans to the team and any observers
  • identify obstacles so that the team can take steps to remove them
  • set direction and focus
  • build a team

An effective Daily Scrum should involve people and representatives from various areas (e.g., marketing, production support, upper management, training, etc.) who wish to know about and/or contribute to the status and progress of the project, however people not directly involved can disrupt the stand-up and should be informed by other means. Overall project progress would be better communicated with a Big Visible Chart.

The Daily Scrum should aviod story telling discussions and contributors should highlight: Things I have done since yesterday's meeting, Things I am going to get done today, Obstacles that I need someone to remove.

To keep the project context in mind a publicly visible Blockage Board listing all remaining obstacles can be maintained.

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