Saturday, December 01, 2007

Convergence of Desktop, Web and Mobile Clients

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The platform should be the next layer of abstraction. The runtime should do the right thing, whether that's render a desktop or send the information to a smartphone. Applications may run and deploy the same way no matter the target platform, but that doesn't mean the same UI. Applications will be accessed through browsers, but sometimes they'll look like websites, and at other times like desktop apps. Instead of writing software to run on one particular target, such as a Windows PC or a Java-enabled smartphone, developers should be able to write to the business logic and let the server deploy the appropriate platform-specific code. Platform control will be a runtime technology on top of a single development model, not a deployment decision. Windows PC users will see the app as though it's a desktop application, perhaps with Win32 widgets, and a Linux user might have a Flash-based UI.

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