Friday, November 14, 2008

CD Mixing

the pros and cons of using compact disc's for mixing

Many factors have led to an increase in CD DJ'ing, for example the inexpensiveness and availability of CD-R's and their hardware recording devices, as well as the rise of p2p file sharing via the Internet. The moral and copyright issues of this aside, CD's are a very flexible format for DJ'ing and posses many advantages over 12" vinyl's.

A lot of experienced DJ's dislike CD mixing because it is less of a hands-on practice and although this much is true, making a switch from using vinyl to CD or vice versa, is not as difficult as it is claimed to be.

The Pros of CD Mixing

  • CD players are available cheaply and basic equipment works much the same as the more expensive models
  • Music is more affordable and easier to carry in transit
  • Exclusive remixes are often released by major labels on CD only
  • Up-and-coming dance music producers will create promotional CD's rather than expensive acetates
  • Homemade and downloaded tracks can be burnt straight to CD then used for mixing

The Cons of CD Mixing

  • Not all venues have CD mixing equipment installed
  • You have to search sequentially through a track to find a desired place
  • Scratching facilities are in early development stages and only available on very expensive models
  • Many underground releases are likely to be only found on vinyl (although these could be burnt to CD)
  • CD player controls vary greatly between manufacturers and may cause problems

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