Sunday, July 26, 2009

Page Templates & Navigation

Today I have looked further into ASP.NET 3.5 specifically at page templates and navigation.

For page templates I looked at master pages, themes and skins. Master pages allow you to create a common look and feel and behaviour for your site which is then merged with content pages. In addition to master pages, themes can be used to define the appearance of pages and controls which includes the use of skins to define the properties of server controls. Many articles also recommend the use of a custom base class for code-behind classes to provide common behaviour throughout your site without duplicating code.

With navigation I began looking at the server controls such as the Menu, TreeView and SiteMapPath. I like how the SiteMapPath can be used to create a breadcrumb trail for your site, even more so when it is dynamically populated. I also looked at ways of pragmatically redirecting requests and discovered two main options: Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer. Response.Redirect instructs the browser to fetch the redirected page from the server, whereas Server.Transfer is performed on the server therefore not changing the browser address bar and saving network bandwidth.

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