Monday, March 21, 2011

Application Virtualisation Benefits

  • Increased automation of processes and reduced end user impact when deploying, patching, updating and decommissioning applications
  • Accelerated delivery of applications as streamed on-demand services - no reboots, no waiting for installs, no uninstalls, reduced image footprint
  • Only 20 to 40% of total code required to start the program from a central server - subsequent uses have instant access from cache and do not require a network connection - application settings and profile are also cached
  • Better management and control of desktop environments
  • Remove ties from users to computers
  • Reduced complexity for OS and application migrations, security refreshes and disaster recovery
  • Isolation to allow multiple application versions to co-exist
  • Increased security by preventing access to applications even when computer is disconnected from network
  • No learning curve for users as application are accessed as if installed direct on desktop

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