Thursday, August 02, 2007

Service Component Architecture (SCA)

SOA principles are abstract and independent of implementation technologies. SCA helps to define SOA constructs for the design of implementations without resorting to technology specifics.

  • Assembly Model - SCA artifacts defined by elements contained in XML files
  • Composite - deployment unit that holds services which can be accessed remotely, a collection of Components
  • Component - a specific business function provided by a module
  • Entry Point - make services available outside the Component
  • Reference - a dependency upon a service by a Component
  • External Service - Reference to a service outside of the module
  • Wires - linkages between References and Service
  • Implementation - the code that implements business functions
  • Subsystems - used to group Composites into the SCA system
  • Module Components - configured instances of modules contained within a Subsystem
  • Policy Framework - addresses QoS and nonfunctional requirements


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