Friday, January 01, 2010

1945 Labour Party Election Manifesto

"The great interwar slumps were not acts of God or of blind forces. They were the sure and certain result of the concentration of too much economic power in too few men."

"These men had only learned how to act in the interest of their own bureaucratically run private monopolies which may be likened to totalitarian oligarchies within our democratic state. They had and felt no responsibility to the nation. The nation wants food, work and homes. It wants more than that. It wants good food, in plenty, useful work for all and comfortable labour-saving homes that take full advantage of the resources of modern science and productive industry."

"It wants a high and rising standard of living, security for all against a rainy day; an educational system that will give every boy and girl a chance to develop the best that is in him. These are our aims. In themselves they are no more than words. All parties my declare that in principle they agree with them. But the test of a political programme is whether it is sufficiently in earnest about the objectives to adopt the means needed to realise them."

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